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Corporate Office: Columbus, OH 614-276-5552

Lease Corporation of America was established in 1988 to service vendors with lease financing needs primarily under $100,000. Since then, LCA has established working relationships with over 2,000 vendors of all sizes from across the United States and Canada.

These productive relationships have generated well over $400 million dollars of leases for Motorola radios, software, point of sale, security, office and a multitude of other products that are essential to the users’ daily business activities. LCA has booked and serviced more than 47,000 leases.

B&C Communications has partnered with Lease Corporation of America to offer a customer-friendly financing program for its products. LCA offers an easy to use leasing option which includes a simple one page lease application, credit turnaround under four hours and personalized service for any questions you may have about financing.

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» 12 Month 0% Interest

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