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Jail & Inmate Management

Breaking the barriers facing jails

Maintain order and keep the peace with a jail information management system that reduces burnout and turnover among officers while managing your inmate population.

  • Simplify and accelerate workflow
    Seamlessly guide or automate day-to-day tasks to get more done despite growing inmate-to-officer ratios.
  • Make ‘no incidents’ the new norm
    Maintain a safe jail environment by staying completely aware of all inmate activity, flags, movements and statuses.
  • Collaborate without complexity
    Leverage better technology integration within your jail and improve information sharing beyond its walls.


Spillman Flex® Records
Spillman Flex® Records

Access a comprehensive view of an inmate's history using their data straight from the Spillman Flex records management system. This keeps everyone up-to-date with the same information and increases officer awareness for those in the jail facility.

Spillman Flex® Records

PremierOne® Records
PremierOne® Records

Feel confident that your correction officers have the most complete information for incoming inmates by utilizing a jail management system that is built to integrate with the PremierOne records management system.

PremierOne® Records

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