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Avigilon Person Crawling Detection

Video: Avigilon Person Crawling Detection

Protect your perimeters from unauthorized access. Be alerted in real-time when a person is crawling along your fence with our most powerful Adapt AI analytics. Available on our Avigilon H6A and H6X camera lines and Unity Video 8 software by Motorola Solutions.

Avigilon Security Technology Guide

Avigilon Security Technology Guide:
Industry Trends for 2024

Physical security has always been top of mind for those overseeing office operations and other commercial buildings. From preventing crime to ensuring a better overall experience, new security technologies make it easier than ever to protect both residential and commercial properties effectively.

However, it has never been more important to ensure your security systems are cybersecure, as cybercrime continues to be a global issue and a driving force in the security, cybersecurity, and information security trends of 2024.

  • The Challenges Facing Businesses
  • The State of the Security Tech Industry
  • Top Trends for 2024

While there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to security and every company has different needs, new high-tech security trends of 2024 can help businesses find new security technologies to protect their assets and uncover solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Download the Avigilon Security Technology Trends 2024

Safer Schools with Motorola Solutions Safety and Security Ecosystem

Video: Safer Schools with Motorola Solutions
Safety and Security Ecosystem

From detection with video analytics and lockdowns with access control to resolving an incident, Motorola Solutions Safety and Security Ecosystem helps automate workflows for critical and everyday events to enable safer schools.

Safer Schools with Motorola Solutions Safety and Security Ecosystem

Communications Built with a Purpose

Communications Built with a Purpose

A wide range of solutions helps your teams and personnel stay safe and connected, whatever your line of work. Professional digital mobile radios are built to the highest specifications, providing outstanding range, battery life and responsiveness so teams can collaborate more effectively and work more efficiently. Broadband-enabled devices bring together the data capabilities and applications of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device to help your team stay informed. And multi-network interoperability helps to connect your team across devices, networks, and locations.

Critical Communications

Safety Challenges and Needs of The Commercial Sector

Safety Challenges and Needs
of The Commercial Sector

The commercial sector is ever-growing and a number different of organizations contribute to that. With a wide variety of industries come individual and particular differences but one thing remains a shared goal amongst these organizations: How can they keep staff, customers, and facilities the safest they can be?

Motorola Solutions asked over 330 respondents from across North America to tell them what is of the utmost importance to them when it comes to safety in their organizations. They heard from healthcare, hospitality, construction workers, and much more so that they can gain insight into what challenges these organizations are facing when it comes to keeping their facilities and others safe.

By downloading this report you will find:

  • What technological challenges are amongst the most common in the commercial sector.
  • What applications and technologies are considered must-haves for increased security, intelligence, and interconnectivity.
  • What next-generation technology your organization can utilize to keep your staff connected and safe.

Download the report and use these insights to help shape key priorities for the future of safety and connectivity at your organization.

Download the 2023 Commercial Survey Report

Body-Worn Camera Solution for Transportation

Body-Worn Camera
Solution for Transportation

Were you aware that you can extend fixed video footprints into public transport operations with first person video?

Motorola Solutions advocates for the adoption of bodycam systems within public transport organizations. Unfortunately, frontline staff in this sector often encounter verbal and physical aggression, making the case for enhanced security measures all the more compelling.

A few Body Worn Camera benefits include:

  • Safeguards the well-being of both passengers and employees.
  • Provides objective documentation of incidents.
  • Acts as a deterrent and preventive measure.
  • Enhances response times.

Recent studies show that over 72% of front-line railway staff have experienced workplace violence in the last twelve months.

Download the Motorola VB400 Transportation Brochure

H6X Box camera

Get the coverage you need with the H6X Box camera

Deploy physical security your way. Whether you require short- or long-range coverage, the H6X Box delivers optimal deployment flexibility by letting you choose the lens that best fits your monitoring needs. Enclose the camera in a weatherproof housing* to take on the outdoors with confidence and stay effortlessly aware with onboard AdaptAI video analytics.

H6X Camera Line Fact Sheet
H6X Box Camera Data Sheet

Technology Ecosystem

A Technology Ecosystem Centered
on Safety and Security

Safety has long been the critical precondition that progress and potential hinges upon – and technology has a role to play in strengthening safety everywhere.

Communication devices and networks that are designed to perform in the harshest conditions and keep you connected. Video security systems powered by responsibly built AI that help to focus human attention and act with more certainty. And voice, video and data unified in a single command center view to help provide the perspective to make quick and accurate decisions. 

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