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Recognize which events are important, quickly find what you are looking for and make informed decisions to take action.

Analytic technologies such as Appearance Search, Focus of Attention, and Unusual Motion Detection enhance operational awareness and response and provide insights that are crucial to cutting through the noise, proactively locating points of interest and recognizing which events are important — so you can have eyes on the scene to evaluate and make an informed decision to take action.

Analytic solutions

Track and locate persons of interest in real time
Pin-point the location of specific individuals within your property to respond to or prevent potential incidents. Using video analytics, security teams can respond quicker to a reported individual of interest by using their appearance, shoes, or clothing as an identifying characteristic to begin an area search. Prevent potential escalations by automatically populating relevant cameras if an intruder is identified on your facility and monitor their path of trajectory.

Actively monitor the location of response resources
Determine your closest resources to an incident for the most efficient and timely response by leveraging the mapping of the real-time GPS location of devices. This information enables your staff to increase their efficiency and promptly respond to any situation at hand with greater confidence.

Quickly evaluate a situation on a single view
Save seconds and have the full story by populating all nearby cameras to an incident with a single click and view all available intelligence aggregated onto a single screen.



Find who you are looking for faster with video search that can be initiated by selecting specific physical descriptions such as hair or clothing color, gender and age category or vehicle type and color.

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Focus of

Focus of Attention (FoA) introduces a new concept in video monitoring and brings to the user a more intuitive way to consume information about potential security events.

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Intelligently integrate ID badges with the power of video to map personnel movement throughout your entire premises via scanned door badge activity linked with video feeds.

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Video Analytics

Avigilon's self-learning analytics extends the effectiveness of your security personnel by providing effective monitoring and enabling proactive, real-time response from your team.

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CommandCentral Aware Enterprise provided critical incident insights and eyes-on-the-scene with video, location, incident intelligence and direct communication connections between your facility and local law enforcement.

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