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Put your Motorola communication equipment on a Maintenance Agreement and save time and money before it’s too late.

The Key Benefits of Maintenance Agreements are:

Reduce the chance of Crippling Breakdowns
Lack of communication can cost heavily in lost business and productivity.  If the need for two-way radio communication is great enough to have purchased a system in the first place, then why not insure its performance with a full service contract.

You prolong Equipment Life
Studies have proven equipment subject to regular, scheduled maintenance will perform longer and more reliably than equipment which is serviced only when it fails.

Your service gets Top Priority
If in spite of our scheduled inspections and maintenance, you experience a system breakdown, your problem is our top priority.  Our best technicians, most familiar with your system and equipment, are on their way quickly.  We will stay right on their way until it is solved.  We often stock the most commonly replaced parts for the specific equipment we have on contract.

You know your Annual Costs
Annual maintenance contracts stabilize your costs, eliminate surprises.  Your comptroller will appreciate the certainty, when labor rates and parts costs rise, that is next year’s worry…our work and parts are all paid for.

Prevention Maintenance is done at our Mutual Convenience
When we inspect your equipment, it will be done at a time which least disrupts your operation.  We will schedule it when our technicians most familiar with your equipment are available.

You save time
Regular, scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment in top operating condition and reduces downtime.

B & C Communications offers two unique maintenance agreements that can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. Contact your Service Representative today to learn about each plan and the benefits and peace of mind that are available to you today.

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