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Below are some of the most popular transport systems products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

Setina Logo
Pushing Technology Forward
Setina Transport Solution

Setina understands law enforcement’s need for space, ease of access, and security – it’s all reflected in our Advanced Prisoner Transport Seating Designs. We know that not all Fleet needs are the same, so Setina offers your department options, with our popular OEM Replacement Style or Precision Fit Seat Cover Design. Our “TPO” Prisoner Transport Seating Systems, along with our “TPO” Door Guards, give your vehicle an OEM factory appearance.

Laboratory Tested Center Pull Seat Belt Systems

Laboratory testing is a critical part of seat belt design and performance. Setina’s unique Center Pull Seat Belt Systems are professionally designed and laboratory tested to meet the rigorous 207/210 FMVSS, Federal Seat Belt Safety Standards. Our advanced design eliminates the need for the officer to reach across the suspect when belting, significantly reducing officer contact with the rear passenger.

Havis Logo

Cargo Van Inserts

Havis Transport Solutions

Havis Prisoner Transport Systems easily convert cargo and passenger vans into heavy-duty inmate transports while ensuring officer and passenger safety. Offered in 80", 100" and 120" lengths and one to three compartment options, these inserts not only help transport people but can also be used for evidence or storage.

Pro-Gard Logo

Pro-Cell P1000

Pro-Gard Transport Solutions

The P1000 Half Cage offers a higher level of containment than standard partitioned vehicles by confining the prisoner to only half the back seat. Our half partition’s versatile design allows full functionality of the driver’s seat along with the convenience of additional storage space behind the officer.

Troy Products Logo

Rear Partition w/ ABS Seat System

Troy Products Transport solutions

Troy Products has SUV cargo partition/ABS seat systems for the Tahoe and Police Interceptor Utility. Two plastic seat brands are offered: PTS and Laguna Mfg. Both brands offer replacement seat belt systems designed to eliminate reaching across detainees to belt them in place. TROY’s cargo partition and unique partition mount has been airbag-tested and confirmed to be compatible with airbag deployment. With a TROY cargo partition, the cargo area is protected on three sides. Four-sided security is accomplished with the addition of a TROY hatch window screen.

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