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Below are some of the most popular storage products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

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Lund Cargo racks

Partition mount dual gun rack, no locks

Partition mount dual gun rack, 1 trap door lock

Partition mount dual gun rack, 2 trap door locks

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2-RMNT-CARGO Mounting Kit for TP-CARGO

Troy Products cargo racks

Mounting bracket for square-hole pattern Tahoe cargo partition TP-CARGO

  • 2007-2014 Tahoe cargo partition
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Driver/passenger side panels
  • Panels feature square-hole punched pattern to match TP-CARGO cargo partition
  • No-holes-drilled design
  • Easy to install
  • Tahoe square-hole cargo partition in photo installed with 2-RMNT-CARGO

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Storage Drawers

Pro-Gard Secured Storage

Pro-gard’s Aluminum Storage Drawers are designed to help compartmentalize the cargo area, creating manageable spaces to store duty gear and equipment for easy locating when the situation demands.

  • 12.25″ of clearance space in Ford’s PI Utility
  • 12.75″ of clearance space in Chevrolet’s Tahoe
  • Push Button lock release/handle combo for one-handed entry
  • Offers maximum protection against moisture, sunlight, regular wear and tear ensuring the product’s dependability and longevity
  • Maintains OEM’s visibility
  • Can accommodate weapons up to 40″ long
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pro-gard’s PI Utility Cargo Area Organizer
  • Mounts with or without Pro-gard’s Cargo Barrier

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Prisoner Transport Locking Under-Bench Storage Option

Havis Secured Storage
  • Prisoner transport locking under-bench storage option
  • Replaces existing vertical bench cover panel located in the side compartment bench only
  • Storage door hinges down providing 10" high by 39.5" wide by 11.5" deep
  • Uses existing panel mount holes for accurate location
  • Two tamperproof locks with two keys
  • Gasket seal to minimize water penetration
  • White powder coat finish

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Lund Secured Storage

2013+ Ford Interceptor Utility Raised Mount 20” X 42” SecureStor vault with additional Gear Drawer Compartment.

SecureStor heavy duty steel SUV vaults are fully carpeted to protect your equipment and feature a 8.5” high drawer with high security simplex combination lock on heavy duty full extension slides rated to 250 lbs

The lower 8” gear drawer is perfect for securely stowing away all your misc gear, vests, flares etc.

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Premium fold down trunk tray

Havis Trunk Tray
  • Premium fold down trunk door assembly with slide out equipment tray for mounting electronic components
  • Mounts in forward end of trunk to maximize rear trunk space
  • When the door is hinged up in the closed position, all items mounted on the tray will be protected from damage
  • Recommended to be used with OEM small donut spare tire

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Trunk & Electronic Trays

Pro-Gard Trunk Tray

Pro-gard’s Trunk Trays offer both a storage platform as well as, an electronics mounting surface that retracts into the trunk. This durable and easily operated product is the solution for keeping loose equipment secure and wires free from entanglement.

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Fold Down Sliding Trunk Tray

Lund Trunk Trays

The FDRS-FPIU-SA is an innovative lockable equipment mounting solution for the Interceptor Utility Cargo Area.

The FDRS-FPIU-SA Fold Down Rear Tray is 40” x 15” with a 37” x 14” Slide Out tray. It creates a false wall behind the rear seat and provides a convenient and protected mounting area for trunk mounted electronics.

The fold down design allows easy access for service in the down position while protecting electronic equipment in the upright position.

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Trunk Trays

Troy Products Trunk Tray

Troy Products trunk trays are available in both full or half size, and can accommodate mounting and ease-of-access to radios, docking stations, camera systems, modems, or whatever your installation requires.

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