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Below are some of the most popular computing products and solutions from the manufacturers we represent. Please contact us for more information on all your options to fit your specific needs.

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Tablet Docking & Cradles

Havis Docking Stations for tablets are the ideal solution for all your computing needs. Designed with versatility in mind, Havis mounting options allow for docking and usage in any work environment and complies with medical wall mounting requirements.

Havis Docking Stations offer computer charging, security, and connection to peripherals in medical, enterprise, and in-vehicle workplaces. Maximize your productivity with these lightweight and strong designs that are built with theft deterrence, longevity and stability in mind.

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CF-19DS2 Docking Station

CF-19 MK4 Docking Station W/dual antenna pass-thru cable Requires motion attachment and Power Supply

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Ford F150 Passenger Seat Swing Arm Docking Station Mount

Height adjustable seat mount w/ swing arm & docking station

  • One handed manuevering
  • Three-piece assembly
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Does not impede passenger space
  • Most of mount can be transferred to a side mount
  • Rugged, non-shaking design
  • Compatible with Gamber Johnson, Havis, Jotto Desk and other docking stations

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Havis Universal Wide Console for Equipment Mounting

  • Universal wide console solution for vehicles with 12.5 inches of space between the seats
  • Height adjustable (12 inches to 16.5 inches)
  • 30 inches of horizontal equipment mounting space
  • Heavy gauge steel, welded construction for Heavy-duty use and durability
  • Black powder coat textured finish
  • No-drill solution for vehicles that have floor brackets offered by Havis
  • Made in the USA

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The UNVTAB4-MT-* Universal Tablet Clamshell mounting system allows small form factor tablets to be mounted with an iKey Thin keyboard. The mount incorporates locking adjustable screen tilt for operator convenience, a quick-release spring loaded keyboard tray, available in various configurations, allows for easy insertion and removal of the keyboard.

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Toughbook 20, 2-in-1 Laptop Mount

Havis ultra-rugged docking solutions for Panasonic Toughbook 20, 2-in-1 Laptop provide the safest, most reliable solution for mobile computing applications. Our Panasonic Toughbook 20 docking solutions are the industry’s lightest yet rugged, safest and most secure computing solution, keeping your expensive laptop where it belongs, docked and productive.

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PDRC-MT-O Laptop Mount

12.1” Panasonic PDRC Display & Universal Keyboard Mount with Tilt/Swivel

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Troy Computer Mounts

The unique TROY slide-arm feature extends and allow the computer to be accessed from the passenger side of the vehicle thereby eliminating the need to step into busy traffic lanes. These purpose-driven features are designed specifically to help increase officer safety! These same features also allow the computer to be easily positioned in to the best possible ergonomic work position for increased productivity when working on the computer while in the vehicle.

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Swing Arms

Havis offers a full array of products that improve laptop computer ergonomics and enable comfortable use of all equipment mounted to your console or in your vehicle. Motion Devices feature an adjustable, quick-release handle that safely and easily position laptops and docking stations.

Swing Arms with motion adapters are ideal for computer usage from both the driver and front passenger seats. Their ruggedized design protects occupants and equipment in quick maneuvers and crash situations.

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Quad Motion Tilt / Swivel adapter

Quad Motion Tilt / Swivel adapter New Design- Slides 3.1/2” fore & Aft

Quad Motion Tilt / Swivel adapter New Design- Slides 5” fore & Aft

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Brother RuggedJet 4" Printer Mount and Arm Rest

Havis’ newly designed arm rests mount easily onto any Console. Their adjustable height allows for the most comfortable configuration enhancing officer comfort and efficiency.

  • Printer mount and padded armrest
  • Mounts to any flat surface (drilling may be required)
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum housing
  • Unique design tilts upwards 90° and rotates side to side
  • Anti-roll back bracket included

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Adjustable Pole Mount Keyboard / Printer Adapter

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Troy Products provides mounting solutions for in-vehicle printers that can mount to your console or the floor of the vehicle. Choose from a variety of mounts to best suit your application. TROY printer mounts work with both Pentax and Brother printer models.

Featured in the photograph is TROY’s low-profile design: AC-PENPRTR-90. The printer is oriented sideways to reduce front-to-back use of space.

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